The Industrial Grind

The perks of working on industrials are rarely artistic, but perks there are! I should preface the following by saying that industrials are short films made for corporations looking to educate their staff on various topics like insider trading, sexual harassment, or appropriate office dress and behavior. You have to sign a non-disclosure agreement and you can't use these little films or show them to anyone, but they pay well, and sometimes, as in the case with my latest shoot with Casual Films, they're a blast. 




We shot at this amazing Tudor Mansion out in Jersey, complete with pool, pool-house, and tennis court. 


Here's the sweet make-up room, with make-up artist extraordinaire, Melanie Licata, and my costar Clint Weldon.

IMG-0142 (1).JPG

I didn't have time to hang out in this bathtub, which, frankly, is a crying shame...