The Audition Game

I recently upgraded my audition prowess by going to see the warm, kind, funny and friendly Jacob Saxton, over at Happy Self-Tape Studios in Greenpoint. 



Jacob and his sweet camera

His studio is beautiful. His recording equipment is top-notch and he's an excellent coach, who worked with me to get me the best take possible. 


Happy Self-Tape Studio

And, I would be painfully remiss not to say just how much fun I had. Jacob is easy-going and supportive and truly wants to achieve the best take. He also does this awesome thing where he takes funny photos of you and posts them on Instagram. AND!!! He made me a hilarious gag reel. I'll share just one of the clips here. ***Expletive warning. :) To see the whole thing, you should check out the Heppy Self-Tape webpage, and check out the Instagram.